Lupe Fiasco is a grammy award winning hip hop artist. He is a veteran and someone that has enough experience in the game to know what he’s talking about. In a recent interview on Hot 97, not to confuse with his recent song Thot 97, he made a bold claim stating that King Los and Logic are better rappers lyrically then Kendrick. In my opinion I agree with Lupe Fiasco. Kendrick Lamar is an amazing artists. Good Kid,┬áM.A.A.D City was an instant classic. It put the West Coast back on the map and brought a lot of attention to one of the hottest rap groups in the game, TDE. But, Kendrick is definitely not the best lyrically. Lupe claiming King Los is a better lyricist is very accurate.

King Los’s mixtape Zero Gravity 2 was one of the first times I actually took a close listen to Los and I was not disappointed. He has a nice flow and he has clearly become a wordsmith. More then deep, his lines are intricate and creatively crafted. His recent freestyle in the BET back room was amazing. Many people criticized Lupe, but he’s not someone that would make a claim and not be able to back it up. Kendrick is one of the best in the game right now especially in the mainstream but he is not THE BEST. Logic is also a great artist. His mixtape Young Sinatra really got me into his music and it proves that he is another lyrical genius. One person I was surprised that was excluded from the list was J. Cole. His mixtapes and albums were amazing pieces of work. His is someone that is able to be able to produce mainstream music and create songs for a more underground audience looking for more out of music then something to dance/twerk to. J. Cole’s ability to produce, write, and rap his music makes him one of the most unique and overlooked artist. He is reminiscent of a young Kanye West. Let me know if you agree with me in backing up Lupe’s statement.

Listen to King Los’s Backroom Freestyle and make sure to listen to his acapella at the ending especially:

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