J. Cole, when all is said and done, will be in the top 5 of greatest rappers of all time. This is due to his passion and lyricism he presents in his songs. To honor Cole, here is a list of the 10 greatest J. Cole songs.

10. Killers

Notable Lyrics:
I know you taught me better, somehow I never learned
Said I was playing with fire, somehoe I never burned
You tried to set me straight, somehow I never permed
You tried to show me right but somehow I never turned

9. Let Nas Down

Notable Lyrics:
Reintroduce ’em to honesty, show ’em that they need more
The difference between the pretenders and the Kendrick Lamars
And so, I took the fall like the Son of the Lord
On the cross, dyin’ for that fake shit you niggas bought

8. Neverland

Notable Lyrics:
I got the on my dick they’ll never climb off
I switch watches yet I never took time off
I don’t know whats worse, fake friends or fake fans
Both kissing ass for the chance to shake hands and damn

7. Dead Presidents II

Notable Lyrics:
Clever with it, my flow like a devil spit it and heaven sent it
So high if I dropped I would fall for 11 minutes
So yea, I operate on a higher plain, my thoughts take a higher train
It’s dope, then you should know the suppliers name

6. Farewell

Notable Lyrics:
When my story’s told, how will they tell it?
Will they say I was a giver or will they say I was selfish
Will they say I was a sinner or pretend I was a saint
Will I go down as a winner, what’s the picture they gon paint

5. Can I Live

Notable Lyrics:
Somebody told me that it’s only one shot, so I’ll be God damn, If I’m ever gonna stop
Promise to my momma I’m a make it to the top
So I’m a keep climbing to my heartbeat drop

4. Visionz of Home

Notable Lyrics:
They see I started with nothing but passion and then I blew
To the Roc, damn the tops a spectacular fucking view

3. Rise and Shine

Notable Lyrics:
The boy that set fire to the booth
In a game full of liars it turns out that I’m the truth
Some say that rap’s alive, it turns out that I’m the proof
Cuz the ones y’all thought would save the day can’t even tie my boots

2. Return of Simba

Notable Lyrics:
Maybe over your head, I’m ahead of my time
Niggas scared of my future, I know they dreadin’ my prime
‘Cause I only made classics, now what that take? Timing
Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds

1. 2Face

Notable Lyrics:
I’m paying dues that a nigga paying tax on
I’m tryina blow like a nigga playing saxophone
I’m playing daddy to another niggas daughter
Don’t worry even Jesus never saw his real father

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