The Coachella Music Festival of 2015 is around the corner and the writers of stylefreely have decided to prep you for the onslaught of Instagram posts and Tweets you’ll be bombarded with come April 10th (Weekend 1).


The main hip-hop attractions that will draw the larger numbered crowds to their stages are:

OVO founder and Lil Wayne successor Drake will be performing on the grand Coachella stage (April 12 & 19) and we can all come agree that the Toronto bred rapper will do it big.


The surprising news that has been released today is that The Weeknd will perform the closing night at Coachella. This has left many fans confused on which headliner he will replace with theory it will be former white stripes Jack White.


— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) March 26, 2015

Friday Shows: Azaelia Banks, Action Bronson, and Ab Soul will draw in a good showing from the hip hop heads displaying their support for these large market rappers who often aren’t capable of performing in their local cities.

Saturday Shows: The Weeknd who now made it official will become a headliner for Coachella will attract in OVO fans who love his R&B style and unique hair. The Odd Future mogul Tyler the Creator and his wild charismatic nature will without a doubt pull off an epic crowd dive on whichever stage he is located.

Sunday Shows: Most hip-hop fans are coming out Sunday to see the one and only Drizzy “Drake” Rodgers who is one of two rappers performing. Along side Drizzy, the profound Lil B will be performing as well on Sunday.

View the full lineup below:


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