The album jumps off with crazy NERD style production with static filled electric guitar and some bells and clappers. The beats are almost all out there, none that can be easily compared to an old school feel but rather more electronic and sometimes 80’s jazzy with songs like Find Your Wings, that is packed with trumpet and the vocals of Kali. The soulful instrumentals are decent, the EDM all over the map, are not.

Instead of just being the outcast in hip-hop through his style and lyrics, he is now addressing it directly. He challenges the competition and blows his fuse on hip-hop norms. Shortly into the tape he writes as the well-known Tyler, rambling, spitting random violence, demented bars with any attempt to rhyme. The gangbanging story is so-s0, written very mediocre in a hip hop sense but comes off stylish. But in the end 85% of the tape is just dribble.

Naturally his voice is raspy and angry start to finish. The editing to his voice changes frequently but rarely does his tempo. Truthfully some of the morphing is extremely overdone and makes the sound almost unbearable. Sometimes his voice is changed in a unique way to allow him to sound reasonably fitting to the accompanying instrumental. Overall, his sound is bland, as it does not change.

This tape is very distorted, production wise, taking from Punk and EDM influences and at some points hits the opposite side of the spectrum with slow rhythmic instrumentals. His lyrics don’t hit. It is childish writing that frankly doesn’t come off clever, humorous or talent filled from any spectrum or artistic stance point. His flow is quiet at points and too loud at others, rarely ever making for a head bobbing sound. I would recommend downloading 2 or 3 tracks, scrap the rest and definitely not cop the whole project.

Published by Ryan Klingenberg

Ryan 'Hip-Hop Hercules' Klingenberg is a writer based out of Long Island, New York.

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