Bodega Bamz is a street style rapper from Spanish Harlem. Along with his connection to the A$AP Family and Duck Down Records, he has had a long list of single and mixtape releases, including features on tracks with some of New York’s top artists. ‘Sidewalk Exec’ is his debut album and has had true New York Hip-Hop fans impatient for the release.

The production has a dope New York sound with tons of Boom-Bap style drums. The beats never over-tone Bodega’s voice but sit well with his flow. There is some Spanish monologues mixed into tracks, accentuating his origins. There is a few tracks based around high pitched flutes and an arrangement of woodwind instruments mixed into the hood sound.

He comes off as a stylish intelligent East coast street rapper. He has plenty of similes about his close relationship with the streets and the harsh realities of growing up in Harlem. He touches on drug use; including his trapping past, his religious beliefs and some of his hip-hop inspirations.

His voice is unique, relatively high-pitched and easily recognizable. He comes off strong with his quick flow, matching 99% of the intended bars. The end words of most of his lines are significantly louder than the beginning of the rhyme making for an old school feel.

This is a soldier’s album. The production is very classic New York Street leaving a good old school taste in the mouth. The only complaint is how little the beats change track to track. His lyrics are hood, a little violent but more from an observational point of view, with clever writing on most verses. The flow is perfect to accompany his writing with use of his hood Puerto Rican accent and street mind state. If not already, this tape will help New York Hip Hop Fans quickly recognize Bamz as a talented gully Harlem emcee. He could use some more originality and work on developing a more diverse sound, but this album is definitely worth a listen.

Published by Ryan Klingenberg

Ryan 'Hip-Hop Hercules' Klingenberg is a writer based out of Long Island, New York.

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