Daytona, previously ‘Kid Daytona’, is a relatively underatted underground emcee from the Bronx. Over the last several years he has been persistent with releasing music on a frequent basis. His most popular tape to date is the LRG sponsored ‘The Interlude’ released in 2010. Since then he has come out with many other projects from full mixtapes to EP’s and has signed to superstar producer Harry Fraud’s independent label, Surf School Recordings.

Fraud brings that signature style to the tape. He puts down glamorous instrumentals with 80’s rock samples and female vocals. The instruments are a little over leveled with sympasizers. Daytona is usually heard over more old school hip-hop sounding beats with less electronical additives. Then a few tracks in the piano focused beats and extra bassy tracks allow for the best emcee-producer match ups.

Daytona is more about his rise than usual. Instead of his upcoming and Bronx representing he spits more bars about women and rap money. With that being said he still has tons of clever lines, gangster imagery and insight into his personal life. Daytona uses celebrities, sports, food and everyday objects to drop his witiness against challengers. The way he does, if the verse is on, the whole track is on, and that means really killing it. If he misses a little, it usually falls off and the records is relatively weak.

Daytona has a strong precense on most of the tracks. He rarely misses the desired tempo to spit with. Unlike his previous projects he is now doing more singing and slows down his flow, doing an acceptable job. When he speeds up and accentuates his swanky flow he kills it best.

Overall Album:
This tape will sound a little different to Daytona followers. It is most like Savoir Fare and very different from The Interlude. Fraud is not incredibly dynamic with the instrumentals but makes an appealing sound across the tape. Daytona’s lyrics are quick minded and slick all brought to the light with his jazzy flow. I recommend this tape and hope for his career to soon flourish.

Published by Ryan Klingenberg

Ryan 'Hip-Hop Hercules' Klingenberg is a writer based out of Long Island, New York.

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