Murs is an emcee who is widely respected for his longtime efforts and heavy hitting collaborations. Just recently he signed to Tech N9ne’s Strange Music imprint. ‘Have a Nice Life’ is his debut album with the rising label.

What isn’t there to the production on this tape. You have every instrument across the board. Songs with guitar have great keyboard or piano riffs. Songs with mostly drum focus have bells and sampling to accompany it. There are symphasizers that aren’t used in a poppy fashion but rather make for a few radio acceptable tracks.

Murs is incredibly articulate on this tape. He takes to some tracks assesing his life and his position in hip-hop. He talks about the simple/and not so simple necessities for living in a satisfied state. In the end the most powerful part to this album is the story telling. He encaptures a girl turning hoe to housewife, a dude in the streets who cliqued up with no gang but still ruled. He talks about women with honesty as a man stressed from personal experiences making him frank about his statements and at the same time he stays respectful.

Not a single word is spoken that cannot be understood. No he is not a double time rapper or very dynamic with flow construction. In the end of the day (life), he is able to match up verses to the given instrumental. His presence is strong and demands attention.

This is a great hip-hop tape. Murs has been in the game for a long time and has definitely proven he can make strong all around albums. This is my particular favorite to date. He has now officially shown that there is almost no topic he cannot cover or instrumental he can’t spazz on. ‘Have a Nice Life’ is an absolute must buy.

Published by Ryan Klingenberg

Ryan 'Hip-Hop Hercules' Klingenberg is a writer based out of Long Island, New York.

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