This album is well rounded with a bunch of different types of instrumentals. This isn’t just a drug album, this isn’t just a club album, it is all the above and more. There are songs with rock style guitar and almost eerie sounding bass lines. The decisions on sampling are extremely powerful. The choir singing, preacher yelling and rock vocals make the records feel perfectly full. The voice morphing just enhances the dark tracks that the tape has almost a dozen of. Before the album hit its’ midpoint two tracks are barely put together with anything more than a humble drum beat and a slow sample, leaving A$AP responsible for 90% of the sound. The radio focused tracks even stay consistent with a level of incredible instrumentation and layering. Overall the production is put together with gold.

A$ap is not just talking materialism this time around. In fact he starts off the tape with the intent of describing the way church has been corrupted by greed and he has found his own relationship with god. His lines about vanity feel poetic with the hood imagery directly following it. Naturally his well put together ideas and great writing does not stay conistent through the tape. He ends up jambling ideas together that don’t always make sense within the same verses. At the end of the day, he comes with so much unexpected passion and song writing skills that the small amount bad seems less sour than it normally would, almost dissapearing completely. This album makes you wonder where all his potential has been going. It feels as though he has picked up the pen for the first time in order to write a great project.

Flow: He has flows out the pocket all over this tape. The first few songs have him rapping at a low tempo on a mellow style and even really slowing it down when necessary. When the beats become quick, his flow does too. He can jump speeds according to his writing and sound stylish when doing so.

The production is unique in such an amazing fashion; from dark guitar to fly horns within two tracks. When it seems as though Rocky’s amazing album with bunches of different topics crushed and mixed together, fall off, he even makes the bravado talk work. I never expected an A$ap member to make such a strong/idea filled project. Everything down to the featured artists are hand picked and well fitting. ALLA makes any previous work by Rocky seem like full fled garbage in comparison. This has a bunch of gems on it and is worth buying as a whole without a pause needed.

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