As eventful as this year’s BET Awards was – with Bad Boy Records reuniting for a 20th Anniversary Performance, and P Diddy’s spill making the viral rounds – King Kendrick’s performance still came out as the pick of the litter, to not much of our surprise.

Performing ‘Alright’ from his wildly successful, To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick mounted the roof of a police squad car (tagged with the initials of his label, T.D.E.) as a tattered American flag swayed behind him. Right off the bat, K. Dot hit us with the poignancy of our current post-Ferguson state, as well as a respectful nod to his idols, N.W.A. – who held a semi-reunion performance at the BET Experience show one night prior.

But social relevance aside, the biggest highlight was Kendrick’s newly added verse at the tail end of the song. Watch the performance below.

The verse, put into writing by, is as follows:

Get back
Nigga I started from the bottom, at the very bottom
Mixin’ Hen, like my momma knew I had a problem
I was jibbing for the bottom, putting quarter pieces in the black, push and make it holla (Alright)
[?] mess with me, I got the piece next to me
I gotta keep the decency and make them TNT my product
I’m a C-O-M-P-T-O-N, innovator, energizer
See that bullet fly ’til that thing go auto pilot (Alright)
I don’t really care about the care abouts
All I care about is sprayin’ at your upper body
When I catch ya, when I catch ya, walking out your parents house
Fourteen years old sound so raw making plays home boy
Big K and my big dogs
Never, ever, went straight home, boy

The fresh verse fits in with the rest of the song – and Butterfly as a whole- snugly. Themes of urban hostility and influence continue onward, but, of course, not without Kendrick’s lucid acknowledgment of his own wrongful tendencies: “my momma knew I had a problem”. The beat also drops in and out sporadically, showcasing Kendrick’s mastery of acapella and his rapid-fire flow. Needless to say, any fan would rightfully be in a frenzy.

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