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Gangster or Conscious?

“Oow God, that’s a hard one man. That’s a real hard one. I’m gonna have to go with uh, you know what, I really want to say gangster, but the time of music right now and how crazy the world is, I’m gonna have to say conscious.”

Rap or Hip-Hop?


Champagne or Liquor?


MP3 or Vinyl?

“Vinyl, shit, vinyl.”

Clippers or Lakers?

“Man, Golden State Warriors. I don’t like neither one of them mother-fuckers.”

Fitteds or Snapbacks?


Chains or Watches?


Streetwear or Designer Clothes?

“Designer clothes.”

WorldStar or MediaTakeOut?

“Oh God. They both horrible. I guess WorldStar. Yeah, they both horrible.”

XXL or The Source?

“The Source.”

Reeboks or Adidas?


The Gap Band or Sly & The Family Stone?

“Oow, that’s a good one. I’m gonna go with, ah man, that’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with [The] Gap Band cuz of my generation. But I know Sly & The Family Stone man, broke milestones.”

Anita Baker or Whitney Houston?

“Anita Baker.”

Gucci Mane or Young Thug?

“Gucci Mane.”

Freddie Gibbs or Jeezy?

“Freddie G man, Freddie G (laughs).”

“That was fun (laughs).”

Published by Ryan Klingenberg

Ryan 'Hip-Hop Hercules' Klingenberg is a writer based out of Long Island, New York.

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