Without a doubt the most popular issue and trending discussion in hip-hop the last two weeks has been the beef between the popular heavy hitting emcees Drake and Meek Mill. In case you missed any of the shots fired, he is a chronological list of the tension.


July 21st

Meek Mill goes on a twitter rant claiming Drake’s featured verse on his R.I.C.O. track from his sophomore LP ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ was ghost-written.
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July 25th

Drake released his first response to Meek’s claims. He comes with a mellow flow over a slow and simple instrumental calling Meek out on topics such as album sales, hunting for anything to come at the top artist and even his relationship with Nicki Minaj.

A few hours after Drake dropped Charged Up Meek responded on twitter, clearly unimpressed.

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July 29th

Drake put out his second diss only four days after Charged Up and had the whole world at attention with his track Back To Back. On this record he spoke about Meek being casted under the shadow of his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, absence of a response and his opinion that he is generally a better emcee than Mill.

July 30th

Meek hit instagram to let his fans know he would “b in the studio soon.”

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July 31st

One week after Drake’s initial diss track, Meek put out his own shots fired record called Wanna Know. He uses a clip of the alleged Drake ghostwriter Quentin Miller’s reference track and talks about Drake’s scuffle with Chris Brown, getting slapped by Diddy and more.


Continuing his shots through social media, Meek posted the cover art to the Wanna Know diss track on instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.32.46 PM


The same day, his next instagram post was a picture of Drake next to Quentin Miller. Quentin Miller is featured in the album credits for several Drake songs and his reference tracks to actual Drizzy records have been release. His caption read “So this is rap now! You can have a n#%ga write ya raps and that’s acceptable.. just like in the streets you can tell on people and still b the man and get the same respect as the next man! It’s almost over for the the game lol I’m confused outchea…… I’m making all trap music after I do my thang with them! We still loaded! #quentinmiller changed the game #youtherealmvp.” 



August 1st

The day following the release of Meek diss track, Drake hosted a celebrity softball game in Houston. On camera wearing the signature ‘6 God’ t-Shirt with the cover art to the initial beef track Charged Up printed on the back, he said “man I haven’t taken a loss all week” referring to his back and forth jabs with Mill.

August 3rd

While rehearsing for his sixth annual OVO Festival in Toronto, Drake humorously sported a free Meek Mill t-shirt.



As if the shirt was not enough, he started the entire concert off by playing a snippet of Charged Up, then Back to Back while humorous memes making fun of Meek Mill were on a slideshow loop displayed on the arena’s megatron. He also spit some bars that some believe will be the third diss track entitled 3 Peat.


August 4th

While performing in North Carolina Meek came with own on-stage attacks including a few bars against OVO, threatening Drake with a wedgie and more.


August 6th

Meek spit a long barred freestyle the second night in a row all against Drizzy while performing in New Jersey.



What’s next?

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