Tokin Interview

Tokin calls in to talk about the #ChayceYourDreams movement, the new ‘Like That’ single, the state of Maryland hip-hop, an upcoming record with King Los and much more. Music: ‘Like That’ & ‘Here to Stay (Ft. BJR)’ Tokin Links: Soundcloud: @therealtokin Twitter/Instagram: @TheRealTokin  

Dre Prince Interview

Dre Prince calls in to talk about his recent Golden Child LP release, the ‘BLCK KNG’ movement, not having the typical “southern sound”, the importance of lyrics and much more. Music: ‘Netflix and Chill (Ft. Slim Gravy)’ & ‘Other Way’ Dre’s Links: @dreprince Twitter: @DrePrinceBK Instagram: @Dresqiat  

Dillon Interview

Dillon calls in to talk about the recent project he dropped with Paten Locke entitled ‘Food Chain’, the alter-ego Lobsterdamus, the Full Plate movement, dubbing over Beverly Hills 90210 episodes and much more. Links: @dillonvmaurer Twitter/Instagram: @dillonmaurer