Hoedy Hoe (821 Boyz) Interview

Hoedy Hoe from the ill Queens group 821 Boyz called in to talk about the crew, the popular ‘Lobby Challenge’, incarceration, local heroes and the bright future for the family. https://soundcloud.com/hiphophercules-podcast/extra-sessions-hoedy-hoe-821-boyz Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hip-Hop Hercules podcast on ITunes

Zumo Kollie Interview

Zumo Kollie took time out of his studio session to call into the @HipHopHercules studio. He speaks about his Providence roots, dream collaborations, why not to mix Red Bull and Coffee and more. https://soundcloud.com/hiphophercules/hiphophercules-extra-sessions-zumo-kollie Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hip-Hop Hercules podcast on ITunes

The 20 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs

With one independent album Section.80, two official studio albums good kid, M.A.A.D City and To Pimp a Butterfly, a couple of mixtapes and a slew of singles, Kendrick Lamar is one of the most popular and admired emcees in the game today. Here is our list of his twenty best records to date. 20. Kush and Corinthians (His Pain) [Ft. BJ The […]

Nas’s Most Conceptual Verses

Singular Conception: The way in which something is perceived or regarded; Select idea Nas is without a question one of the greatest emcees ever to bless the microphone. He has eleven powerful solo albums including debatably the greatest hip-hop album of all time, his debut ‘Illmatic.’ Although he paints pictures with his words, analyzes worldly […]

Ballistics Report: Meek Mill vs. Drake

Without a doubt the most popular issue and trending discussion in hip-hop the last two weeks has been the beef between the popular heavy hitting emcees Drake and Meek Mill. In case you missed any of the shots fired, he is a chronological list of the tension.   July 21st Meek Mill goes on a […]