Ghostface Killah – Twelve Reasons to Die II (Album Review)

There is no hip-hop act with a higher regard for the cinematic than the Wu-Tang Clan. It starts with the very foundation the group was erected from: RZA, GZA and O.D.B. bombing around kung-fu theaters in their childhood. 36 years later (appropriately so), the Clan has collectively put out a feature length movie, acquired cinematic aliases (Tony Starks, […]

Vince Staples – Summertime 06′ (Album Review)

Production: This album has elements of new age hip-hop and old school boom bap. The symphasizers, distorted bass and guitar create the rhythm that makes the music stand out, the drums keep our heads knodding and his flow tight. This is that gangster and still intelligent California style album I have been waiting for. It […]

Czarface – Every Hero Needs A Villain (Album Review)

The lore of the supervillain is in many ways parallel to that of the rapper: an origin story of a struggle against oppressive powers, the flaunting of one’s strengths/accomplishments, and a fiery winner-take-all attitude. Though the concept has been somewhat played out (Ghostface’s Tony Stark, MF DOOM’s Madvillain, etc.), there is a necessary resurgence in light of media trends in […]

Bodega Bamz – Sidewalk Exec (Album Review)

Bodega Bamz is a street style rapper from Spanish Harlem. Along with his connection to the A$AP Family and Duck Down Records, he has had a long list of single and mixtape releases, including features on tracks with some of New York’s top artists. ‘Sidewalk Exec’ is his debut album and has had true New […]

Lil Wayne Hands Out “Free Weezy Album” T-Shirts

I’m sure by now everyone who follows hip hop regularly knows that things aren’t going too well for the Cash Money family. Lil Wayne is suing his “daddy”, Birdman, for over $50 million for not releasing his album, Carter V. Wayne is also threatening to take his Young Money roster with him which includes money […]